PHP class for generating PDF documents
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TCPDF Examples


  1. [PDF] [PHP] first example with default Header and Footer
  2. [PDF] [PHP] without Header and Footer
  3. [PDF] [PHP] custom Header and Footer
  4. [PDF] [PHP] text Stretching with Cell()
  5. [PDF] [PHP] Multicell()
  6. [PDF] [PHP] WriteHTML()
  7. [PDF] [PHP] independent columns with WriteHTMLCell()
  8. [PDF] [PHP] external UTF-8 Unicode text file
  9. [PDF] [PHP] Image()
  10. [PDF] [PHP] text on multiple columns
  11. [PDF] [PHP] table with primitive methods
  12. [PDF] [PHP] graphic methods
  13. [PDF] [PHP] graphic transformations
  14. [PDF] [PHP] forms and javascript
  15. [PDF] [PHP] index with Bookmarks()
  16. [PDF] [PHP] document encryption
  17. [PDF] [PHP] independent columns with MultiCell()
  18. [PDF] [PHP] Persian and Arabic language on RTL document
  19. [PDF] [PHP] alternative config file
  20. [PDF] [PHP] complex alignment with Multicell()
  21. [PDF] [PHP] writeHTML() text flow
  22. [PDF] [PHP] CMYK colors
  23. [PDF] [PHP] page groups
  24. [PDF] [PHP] object visibility with setVisibility() and layers with startLayer()
  25. [PDF] [PHP] object transparency with SetAlpha()
  26. [PDF] [PHP] text clipping
  27. [PDF] [PHP] 1D barcodes
  28. [PDF] [PHP] multiple page formats
  29. [PDF] [PHP] Set PDF viewer display preferences with setViewerPreferences()
  30. [PDF] [PHP] colour gradients
  31. [PDF] [PHP] pie chart graphic
  32. [PDF] [PHP] EPS/AI vectorial image with ImageEPS()
  33. [PDF] [PHP] mixed font types (TrueType Unicode, core, CID-0)
  34. [PDF] [PHP] clipping masks
  35. [PDF] [PHP] border styles with SetLineStyle()
  36. [PDF] [PHP] PDF text annotations
  37. [PDF] [PHP] spot colors
  38. [PDF] [PHP] unembedded CID-0 CJK font
  39. [PDF] [PHP] HTML text justification
  40. [PDF] [PHP] booklet mode (double-sided pages)
  41. [PDF] [PHP] file attachment
  42. [PDF] [PHP] image with transparency (alpha channel)
  43. [PDF] [PHP] disk caching
  44. [PDF] [PHP] move, copy and delete pages
  45. [PDF] [PHP] table of contents
  46. [PDF] [PHP] text hyphenation
  47. [PDF] [PHP] transactions and UNDO
  48. [PDF] [PHP] HTML tables with header and rowspan
  49. [PDF] [PHP] call TCPDF methods in HTML
  50. [PDF] [PHP] 2D barcodes (QR-Code, Datamatrix ECC200 and PDF417)
  51. [PDF] [PHP] image as a page background
  52. [PDF] [PHP] digital signature certification
  53. [PDF] [PHP] javascript functions
  54. [PDF] [PHP] XHTML form
  55. [PDF] [PHP] core fonts dump
  56. [PDF] [PHP] crop marks and registration marks
  57. [PDF] [PHP] vertical alignment and metrics on Cell()
  58. [PDF] [PHP] SVG vectorial image with ImageSVG()
  59. [PDF] [PHP] table of contents with HTML templates
  60. [PDF] [PHP] advanced page settings
  61. [PDF] [PHP] XHTML + CSS
  62. [PDF] [PHP] XObject templates
  63. [PDF] [PHP] text stretching and spacing (tracking/kerning)
  64. [PDF] [PHP] no-write page regions
  65. [PDF] [PHP] PDF/A-1b (ISO 19005-1:2005) document


  1. [HTML] [PHP] 1D barcode in HTML format
  2. [PNG] [PHP] 1D barcode in PNG format
  3. [SVG] [PHP] 1D barcode in SVG format
  4. [SVGI] [PHP] 1D barcode in SVGI format
  5. [HTML] [PHP] 2D datamatrix barcode in HTML format
  6. [PNG] [PHP] 2D datamatrix barcode in PNG format
  7. [SVG] [PHP] 2D datamatrix barcode in SVG format
  8. [SVGI] [PHP] 2D datamatrix barcode in SVGI format
  9. [HTML] [PHP] 2D pdf417 barcode in HTML format
  10. [PNG] [PHP] 2D pdf417 barcode in PNG format
  11. [SVG] [PHP] 2D pdf417 barcode in SVG format
  12. [SVGI] [PHP] 2D pdf417 barcode in SVGI format
  13. [HTML] [PHP] 2D qrcode barcode in HTML format
  14. [PNG] [PHP] 2D qrcode barcode in PNG format
  15. [SVG] [PHP] 2D qrcode barcode in SVG format
  16. [SVGI] [PHP] 2D qrcode barcode in SVGI format
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